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Five Favourite Books about Dogs

Mini Reviewer, Theo (3), seems to gravitate towards books about dogs at the moment and he has even put in his own request for a puppy! So when we realised that Chinese New Year will be celebrated this Friday and 2018 happens to be the Year of the Dog, we thought now was the perfect time to share Theo's Five Favourite Books About Dogs.


Dogger is a timeless and heartwarming story about a little boy called Dave and his very special toy, Dogger. It was written and illustrated by the incredible Shirley Hughes and published by Penguin. The story is particularly moving if you or your child has ever had a very special toy. In the story Dave loses Dogger and it falls to Dave's sister, Bella, to save the day. Her act of extreme kindness shows us just how important Dogger is to Dave and Dave's happiness is to Bella. The story may be 40 years old but it still remains the perfect choice to read to siblings, especially those who occasionally squabble!

Oh No, George! 

This was a recent charity shop find for us and has quickly become a book that we share together most days! Written and illustrated by Chris Haughton and published by Walker Books, this is a story about a dog called George that is desperately trying to be good while his owner is out of the house. Unfortunately some things are just too tempting to resist! However, when his owner returns, George tries to make amends by saying sorry and being extra good on his walk but will he manage it? Well, that would be telling! We love the bold illustrations and it is a book that really gets us chuckling.

Oi Dog! 

If you love Oi Frog! then you must read the sequel Oi Dog! Written by Kes and Claire Gray, illustrated by Jim Field and published by Hodder Children's Books, Oi Dog! is packed with repetition and hilarious rhymes making it perfect for young children to join in with. Rhyming "cheetahs" with "fajitas" is a stroke of pure genius. This series of books has got to be one of the funniest around and they always lead to a raucous storytime in this house!

The Detective Dog

This is Theo's absolute favourite book featuring a dog and probably one of the most read books in our house. It features Detective Dog Nell who takes a break from crime solving each Monday to listen to children read! However, one Monday the books are all gone, someone has taken them and it is up to Nell to find out who. Is she the dog for the job? 

This is yet another great rhyming book written by Julia Donaldson and Sara Ogilvie's illustrations accompany the story brilliantly making it the perfect read aloud package.

A Dog with Nice Ears (featuring Charlie and Lola)

All three Mini Reviewers love Charlie and Lola so it is no surprise that this book made Theo's list! It is also very fitting for our current situation as Theo really wants a dog of his own just like Lola in the story. Lola's Mum and Dad say... "ABSOLUTELY NO DOGS!" and our response to Theo's request is fairly similar! 

When Dad takes Lola to the pet shop to get a rabbit, Lola is determined to bring home a dog and she does - a sniffing, hopping, grey dog with nice ears that looks a lot like a rabbit! This is a really fun story written and illustrated by Children's Laureate, Lauren Child and published by Orchard Books. 

So there are Theo's favourite five books about dogs. They can now all be purchased via our Amazon Store, where there is a whole list of Books About Dogs (affiliate links).

So until next time... HAPPY READING!

Kate & the Mini Reviewers xx


  1. Love books and love dogs so this post is fabulous and the detective dog looks a bit like my pet Stan #ReadwithMe

  2. Dogger is such a good book and I you can't beat a bit of Charlie and Lola #readwithme

  3. This is a great selection - we love Dogger too :o)

    One of our favourite doggy picture books is Time for Bed, Fred! by Yasmeen Ismail.


  4. Great choices Theo! My 5 year old's current favourite dog story is One Hundred Sausages by Yuval Zommer.

  5. All these books are beautiful. Especially The Detective Dog is just awesome. Recently I read the whole book. Though I'm not a regular reader but when I got The Detective Dog, I didn't spend any time to avoid it. Just opened the book and started reading. Really a good one, highly recommended to read The Detective Dog. best orthopedic dog bed