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Word of the Week: Parent

This week I have been reflecting on my parenting journey so far. I adore my three little ones and I can't imagine life without them but it is no secret that I find being a parent tough and I have, at times, lost myself along the way. It is always the children that lift me when I am at my lowest. Here is my latest poem inspired by Mum Turned Mom's weekly writing prompt "Mirror".


Looking in the mirror,
I twist a loose strand of hair.
That creeping thought is back again,
A chill spreading through the air.

It expands like a spiders web,
Entangling my mind.
My thoughts darken quickly,
The sun becomes hard to find.

Growing ever blacker,
Like a fog inside my head.
It rushes through my body,
A sickening feeling, dread.

I’m hopeless. I’m a failure.
They deserve so much more.
I’m useless. I’m not good enough.
An echo of internal war.

It’s a solitary battle,
An all consuming storm,
There is no escape plan,
The black clouds swarm.

My mind wades through the waters,
As I consider what I’ve become.
Feeling desperately alone,
Until a little voice shouts “Mum!”

Then the clouds start to lift,
And the light peaks through,
The air is calm and warm again,
And it’s all because of you.

K.E - October 2016

On Monday it was our first Parents' Evening since Izzie started school. We didn't really know what to expect as first timers but it was actually really lovely to hear how well Izzie is settling in and how much she enjoys learning. She loves to practice her writing both at school and at home. It does seem very hard work for her because she is left handed (as is her teacher) so I am really trying to encourage her as much as I can with her letter formation. It helps that she is so enthusiastic.

She also loves rhymes and poetry. This week she came up with a little poem, which really made me smile so I thought I'd share it.

Fluffy Penguin

fluffy penguin
white and black
waddles around
on the ice
slippy penguin
carries its egg
tap tap
and out pokes a leg
Baby penguin
loves to shout
to his mummy
I.E - October 2016

I hope everyone else has had a good week.



  1. Like the poems, yours and Izzies. Don't worry too much and don't over think too much, just plod on and play the Pollyanna game. Remember your cup is always half full and lots of the time it's brimming over!!! Love you Mumxx

    1. You and Pollyanna 😆 I know... Just keep swimming!

  2. Awww how beautiful is her little poem it really tugged at my heart strings. Hon have you tried her on a stabilo pencil? I just love the poems in this post.xx

    1. She did have a special pencil, a long time ago but didn't like it, I'll have to try it again!! She was so pleased to get egg to rhyme with leg 😊

  3. Love this, and I think that we can all relate to feeling like that when we look in the mirror sometimes. I particularly like the verse 'It’s a solitary battle, / An all consuming storm, / There is no escape plan, / The black clouds swarm.' Brilliant. I love your daughters poem too. My eldest did a poetry project last year and some of his poems were great, I should share some of them too! Thank you so much for joining in with #ThePrompt, lovely to have you. Hope you'll be back!

    1. Oh do share them Sara, I think it's lovely to read kids' writing! They have the best imaginations. Thank you for hosting #ThePrompt I will try and join in again soon 😊

  4. I love the Fluffy Penguin, well done Izzie! Kids really do manage to lift us, don't they? A cuddle with one of mine always seems to make everything better x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    1. The youngest's smiles at the moment are better than chocolate!

  5. Adorable little poem about fluffy penguin! Glad parent's evening went well. And your poem - I can relate to the theme and you describe the 'black dog' very well indeed. #prose4t

    1. Thank you Carol. Hope the little penguin made you smile!

  6. As a parent I totally related to your brilliant poem. Your daughter's poem is charming and I too love being shown poems and stories by my two children. Prose4T

  7. I can totally relate to the self-doubt in your poem Kate - fabulous piece of writing. How cute is your daughter's piece of writing?! That is beautiful x Thanks for linking to #Prose4T