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Books of the Month: September

Hello, today we are sharing our favourite books from September. Whenever I sit down to write our monthly favourites post, I am amazed that it is that time again but here we are already more than a week into October. It will be time to go Trick or Treating before you know it!

Speaking of Halloween, you may have already seen our post about our favourite Chapter Book this month, Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone. As our choice is already such a well known book, instead of doing a standard review, I shared our experience of reading Harry Potter to the Mini Reviewers . You can read the full post here: When to read Harry Potter to your Little Bookworms.

As well as a favourite Chapter Book, we have picked our favourite Non-Fiction Book and Picture Book from last month too. We do hope you enjoy our choices!

Non-Fiction Book of the Month: CAN YOU FIND IT? By Surya Sajnani

Our non-fiction book for September has been chosen because of its immediate popularity in our house. Can you find it? is a giant board book by Surya Sajnani and published by Words & Pictures. Designed as a search-and-find book, each colourful double spread is very engaging for children as there are lots of different things look for within the mosaic inspired illustrations.  

This first words book is ideal to help toddlers and preschoolers develop their language skills, build up basic vocabulary and will help also with colour and shape recognition. But what we really like about the book is that it is big enough so that both Mini Reviewers, Poppy (2) and Theo (4) can look at it together and take turns to find the different objects. It really is great when you can avoid book tug-of-war between siblings. Please tell me that is not just a thing in our house!

Picture Book of the Month: The King Who Banned the Dark by Emily Haworth-Booth

The King Who Banned the Dark is an amazing debut picture book from award winning author-illustrator, Emily Haworth-Booth and published by Pavilion. It's the tale of a prince who is so afraid of the dark that when he becomes King he spreads rumours throughout the Kingdom so that the people eventually want the dark banned. But what happens when there is no darkness or nighttime? Can we still enjoy the light? The people, and even the King, soon start to realise that perhaps the dark wasn't so bad after all.

This is not only a great story, but one with strong political undertones making the reader question the role of a leader and highlighting the power of protest. The striking illustrations in predominantly black and yellow make for a really powerful package. We have chosen it as our Picture Book of the Month because the Mini Reviewers have asked for it again and again since its arrival plus I think it deserves huge recognition!

So that's it for another month but we would love to hear which books you have been enjoying, please do let us know in the comments below and until next time... Happy Reading!

Kate & the Mini Reviewers xx

*We received review copies of The King Who Banned the Dark and Can You Find It? However, all opinions are as always our own. 
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  1. These all look lovely and I've just read your Harry Potter post too. my daughter was much more scared when we read the illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, the picture of Voldemort scared her more than in the film.


  2. Good selection. When my boys were small, we had a fairly similar type finding genre book and they too loved it #readwithme

  3. Those both look like lovely books for little ones, and you definitely can't beat Harry Potter! I started reading Philospher's Stone to my boys when they were 7 and 9 and it wasn't long before they were reading the whole series on their own. For some reason my daughter has always refused to read it though.

  4. The King Who Banned the Dark looks fantastic, love the use of colour in this one #readwithme

  5. Both these books look great! I love a bit of politics in picture books so The King Who Banned The Dark sounds right up my street!