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Festive Delights: Winter Reading Fun!

Today we continue our Festive Delights series by sharing a trio of snow-filled books that truly celebrate the beauty of Winter. Towards the end of the post, you will also find a few fun and really easy ideas for getting your little ones excited about reading throughout Winter months. But first, let's take a peek at those beautiful snowy books...

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Our first choice today is Walking in a Winter Wonderland, a book based on the bestselling song by Felix Bernard and Richard B Smith, which was made famous by Grammy award winning singer, Peggy Lee. Tim Hopgood has provided the stunning wintery pictures, which together with the song's lyrics, perfectly capture the magic and beauty of the season.  

First published in 2016, this book has been on our wishlist for some time as we just love Tim Hopgood's unique style of illustration. Therefore we are delighted to be able to say that, despite our extremely high expectations, the book hasn't disappointed us in the slightest! Everything about this beautiful book has been carefully thought through, from the charming front cover to the eye-catching endpapers and even the hidden pictures under the jacket.

As the classic song was written in 1934, it is fitting that both the style of the illustrations and the colours used by Tim have quite a vintage feel to them. The double spreads that follow are just a couple of our favourites...


This hardback edition is extra special as it comes with a CD featuring the famous song performed by Peggy Lee, as well as an audiobook so younger children can read along. It is a delightful book and perfect to read at this time of year. Its charm will appeal to young and old and is sure to have the whole family singing out loud this Winter!

Eye-catching Endpapers

Hidden Images


Our second choice is this beautiful Mini Gift Edition of Sam Usher's bestselling picture book "Snow". This little gem of a book with it's glittery front cover and gorgeous wintery illustrations would make a perfect stocking filler this Christmas. For those not familiar with the story, it is about a little boy and his Grandad and the adventure they have one snowy day. The story perfectly captures the boy's excitement when he first wakes up to discover snow, as well as his impatience and growing frustration at his Grandad for not getting ready quick enough! Filled with humour, this gentle story is a great celebration of the joy snow brings as well as the endless patience of fun-loving grandparents!

Winter in White: A Mini Pop-Up Treat

A little while a go a friend and fellow book enthusiast recommended Robert Sabuda's pop-up books to us and WOW - his paper engineering has blown us away! We will be reviewing one of his even more impressive books in due course, but today we are sharing this mini pop-up treat that we received in our Christmas book package from The Happy Book Club. You can see our full Christmas package here. With relatively few words, this little book is really all about Sabuda's ingenious pop-ups. The reader is filled with such joy at every page turn as another amazing picture is revealed. From snowflakes, to gift bearing doves, this delightful little book is the perfect celebration of Winter.

Winter Reading Fun

At the beginning of Autumn we came across an "Autumn Reading Bucket List" on Instagram, which we thought was a fantastic idea. Since we were unable to find a similar Winter themed list, we thought we would create our own. So here are a few fun and, more importantly, simple ideas to get everyone excited about reading this Winter, why not give some a try?

We hope you are enjoying our Festive Delights, there are still 19 more to come! 
Please do share your own seasonal recommendations or ideas for Winter reading fun in the comments below. You can also share on social media using #FestiveDelights - we always love to hear from you!

Kate and the Mini Reviewers xx

*Disclaimer: We received review copies of Walking in a Winter Wonderland and Snow. Winter in White was gifted to us by The Happy Book Club. All opinions are our own. Please note this post contains affiliate links, you can find out more here.


  1. Winter is my favourite season!! These are all perfect for introducing kids to the wonders of the season! Thanks for sharing with #readwithme

    1. Most welcome Chantelle, they really are beautiful books and thank you for hosting #readwithme

  2. What a lovely selection of books! I remember a Percy the Parkeeper book we used to love - One Snowy Day (or night!).

    1. Oh yes Sarah, a fantastic book, we borrowed it from the library this time last year!

  3. What a lovely selection!! But the mini pop up book 'Winter In White' looks spectacular! Thanks for sharing them.

    1. You will have to have a look at it next time you are here :)

  4. A great selection. How adorable is Sam Usher's book and the pop up delights of Winter in White look gorgeous. Filza #readwithme

  5. I need Walking in a Winterwonderland! #readwithme