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Word of the Week: Disaster

After a total disaster of a week, I'm resorting to rhyme to cheer myself up...

One step forward,
But two steps back.
A week of disasters,
I feel like such a hack.

Snotty kids and sleepless nights,
A broken washing machine,
Sciatica and tantrums,
A house that’s never clean.

It’s driven me to breaking point,
I’ve become that shouty mum.
Now I’ve started rhyming,
Who knows what’s next to come?

Fingers crossed tomorrow’s better,
Or I’ll surely lose the plot,
But I’d better get some wine in,
Just in case it’s not!
K.E. - October 2016

The Reading Residence


  1. Oh no, sounds a tough week. I do hope next week's better for you, it can only be better, right?! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  2. Fantastic poem, I had a good week last week but I can't say the same about this week! I think my next weeks word may be Disaster! thanks for sharing and I really hope this week is better of you xx