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Changing Bag Essentials

Last week I got caught out without the changing bag. I won’t go into details but let’s just say it was fairly messy and, luckily I found a spare nappy in the car. Phew! Normally I am prepared for every eventuality. Take a look at what I can fit in my fantastic “bottomless” Cara bag from Babymel

  1. Changing mat
  2. Nappies (x3) - Currently disposables but we do swap between cloth and disposables quite frequently for Poppy.
  3. Pull-Ups (x3) - As currently potty training Theo.
  4. Wipes - Always fragrance free due to eczema prone skin.
  5. Nappy cream - Currently we are using Sudocrem Care & Protect, which we have been sent to try out. It is a lovely smooth cream which literally glides on and is quickly absorbed into the skin. There is no sticky residue. It has conditioned Poppy's skin leaving it beautifully soft and rash free. It is intended to be used at every nappy change to create a protective barrier. It also guards against infection and is hypoallergenic. I love that the tube is easy to flip open with one hand making it easy to use when changing a wriggly baby and perfect for changing on the go!
Sudocrem Care and Protect
  1. Breastfeeding cover-up - Not for everyone, I know, but this gives me the confidence to feed anywhere when Poppy is being fussy.
  2. Muslin - You can literally do anything with a muslin! I’ve dried slides at the park, lined trolley seats, mopped up all sorts of unmentionable things and even fashioned a top for Izzie after a soft play disaster!
  3. Dummy and dummy wipes - essential for us!
  4. Bib - My favourites are from Close Parent and my originals are still going strong for baby number 3!
  5. Plastic spoon
  6. Snacks, drinks, baby food - depending on how long we are out for, this can spill over into another bag!
  7. Spare clothes
  8. Small wet bag (or a plastic bag) for anything messy!
  9. Mini tube of suncream
  10. Mini first aid kit
  11. Antibacterial hand gel
  12. My essentials - keys, phone, purse etc unless of course I've misplaced them again!
  13. Entertainment - a small toy and of course, a book or two!
Have I forgotten anything? The kitchen sink perhaps?
What’s in your changing bag?

Disclaimer: I was sent a free sample of Sudocrem Care & Protect to trial. My changing bag was a prize in Babymel’s Valentine Competition and the Close Parent bibs pictured were also prizes. All opinions are, as always, my own.

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  1. Almost as good as my handbag Kate!!!!

    1. Not quite - but I think Alison's handbag wins :)

  2. I have this same nappy bag from Babymel! I reviewed it on my blog. Absolutely love it and it never seems to fill!
    I always carry something exclusive for my daughter that is a nappy bag specific toy. Like a colouring book or finger puppet etc.

    1. It is fab. I previously had another bag (very well know brand) that I didn't think could be beaten but this one is perfect - I love the special buggy straps too -genius!