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Home by Carson Ellis

Having returned from a fantastic few days away, it felt like an appropriate time to review this beautiful picture book called “Home” by Carson Ellis.

This book really is a work of art. From start to finish every page is exquisitely illustrated with a picture of a different home. From palaces to shoe homes and from sea homes to space homes. The book is packed full of unusual and imaginative illustrations providing so much to talk about.

Our favourite thing about the book is you can connect many aspects of the pictures to the illustrations of the artist’s own home at the end. For example, the same tea cup and the same red stripey socks can be seen in several of the other images. We first read “Home” the week before we went away and on our return have re-read it again and again. Each time we go back to the book, we seem to find new connections or things to talk about. I love the fact the same bird seems to be flying through the book, as if to unite us all.

"Home" has truly inspired us to think about our own home, as well as the homes of others. We have discussed the similarities and the differences and the things that make each one special. The book also prompted a whole afternoon of creative play for Izzie. She drew her own home; made a fairy house out of Lego; and, with a little cutting help, she tried to re-create one of the pictures in the book. This is a book we will be very sad to return to the library.

"Where is your home? Where are you?"

"Some are palaces..."

"Home" to me personally is all about family rather than a place.
What does “Home” mean to you?

Home is where my family grows,
Those little hands and tiny toes,
Getting bigger each day and night,
I kiss them gently, holding them tight.
There will come a time, I know,
From this home they’ll want to go.
So for now I’ll treasure each day,
Watching them smile and dance and play.
(Home, K.E - January 2016)


  1. Home is an absolutely gorgeous picture book. Great that it inspired some crafts too :)


    1. With pictures like that couldn't help but draw some of our own :) Glad you love it too!

  2. What a fabulous concept, some great things to see and learn as you read this one! Thanks for sharing with #ReadWithMe

    1. Thank you for hosting #readwithme I can imagine this is a great one to discuss with a larger group so much to spot :)

  3. Saw this one in the bookshop yesterday and thought its looked lovely! BookBairn is more into transport at the moment but when she's into houses and buildings this will be great! x

    1. Really lovely. Yes one for when she is a bit bigger. Theo (2 1/2) enjoyed it but Izzie (4 1/2) got much more out of it :)

  4. This sounds and looks like a great book - you always know a good one when it inspires creativity. That poem is perfectly formed too :) Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x