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Sunday, 28 August 2016

366 Books in 366 Days: Delightful Dragons

The Mini Reviewers really enjoy stories full of adventure and nothing compares to the tale of a fire breathing dragon. However, we have already learned that not all dragons are scary, in fact most seem to be very friendly, delightful even. Here are five endearing stories featuring some of our favourite scaly friends.

Sylvia and Bird, written and illustrated by Catherine Rayner and published by Little Tiger Press (2009).
This is a gentle story about an unlikely duo. Sylvia, a giant and “shimmer-shiny” dragon, is lonely. She is the only dragon is the world. Then she meets bird. Bird is rather small. Together they have lots of fun and discover the true meaning of friendship. Catherine Rayner’s exquisite illustrations are full of tenderness and her chosen colour palette is simply delightful. A truly fabulous book.

Little Wizard, written and illustrated by Kazuno Kohara and published by Macmillan (2010).
Little Wizard can’t fly and no-one wants to play with him. He feels sad and alone until one day he meets a bread-baking dragon. The dragon tries to teach Little Wizard to fly but he just can’t get the hang of it. Then Little Wizard encounters a knight who is on a dragon hunt and he realises he must fly to save his dragon friend. This is a stunning picture book. The stylised illustrations are bold yet the story is surprising touching. This is a great book about finding friendship in an unlikely place.

Again, written and illustrated by Emily Gravett and published by Macmillan (2011).
It’s nearly bedtime and so it's time for a story. It is such a good story that little dragon wants it again and again. Mummy dragon is very tired (I sympathise!) and when she falls asleep mid-story, naughty little dragon gets more than a little bit cross! Emily Gravett’s stunning illustrations truly bring this funny tale to life. The Mini Reviewers love the ending and enjoy peeping through the hole that little dragon makes in the book!

Marmaduke The Very Different Dragon by Rachel Valentine and Ed Eaves and published by Bloomsbury (2014)
Marmaduke is a very different dragon with enormous ears and very special wings but like all dragons, all he wants is a princess to protect. Meg is a loud un-princessy princess with a crazy dress and messy hair. One day Meg gets lost in the dark, will anyone hear her cries for help? Perhaps a dragon with enormous ears? This is a fun book celebrating friendship and individuality. Full of colour, it even sparkles in places. The Mini Reviewers really enjoyed it, especially the sparkly pages!

The Knight Who Wouldn’t Fight by Helen and Thomas Docherty and published by Scholastic (2016)
This story is about Leo, a gentle little knight, who would rather read than fight. Just how will he manage when his parents send him off with a new shield and sword to tame a scary dragon? And what about the griffin and troll he encounters on his way? Well, this little knight proves that fighting is not always the answer. Instead he relies on a pile of books and his love of reading. A fantastic rhyming book with whimsical illustrations that really appeal to both young and old imaginations! I was worried it may be a bit long for Theo (2) but as soon as he saw the front cover he wanted me to read it. He loves the part about dragon poo (obviously) and listens right until the end. It’s one we have read over and over again.

Have you met any delightful dragons?

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  1. I love the Little WIzard! Great selection, thanks for linking up with #ReadWithMe

  2. We love Again! - great ending! We also like Debi Gliori's 'The Trouble With Dragons'.


  3. Umm, me and the grandchildren don't have any books about dragons. Must rectify that. Thanks for the great selection.

  4. oh what a fab little collection. I want to read Sylvia and the bird with my daughter Sylvia. She might like that. Thanks for linking up to #KLTR