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New Books for Little Heroes

The Mini Reviewers have always loved to dress up and they have certainly come up with some imaginative outfits in the past but recently it seems to be all about crime fighting heroes and pesky bad guys. So when we saw The Rainbow Factory were holding a Superhero Extravaganza this summer, we had to book tickets. 

Novel Non-Fiction for Younger Kids

The Mini Reviewers are now 1, 3 and 5 years old. Over the past year there have been some incredible non-fiction releases aimed specifically at the younger end of the children's market. Here are five non-fiction books that we feel really stand out from the crowd...

Five Favourite Books about School

The summer holidays have flown by and as August ends our thoughts turn to the start of a new school year, an exciting time but also one that can be uncertain and nerve-wracking for so many. Here the uniform has been purchased, tried on and (almost) labelled and Mini Reviewer, Izzie, is raring to return to school. However when Izzie started school last year, we all had our fair share of nerves! So if you have an apprehensive school starter or a child that is a little reluctant to go back to school, don't panic! There are lots of books out there offering gentle reassurance and showing that school can in fact be lots of fun!