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Unique Board Books for Babies and Toddlers

At the beginning of May, Independent Children's Publisher, Nosy Crow launched a new range of books with The British Museum. The range, aimed at ages 0-12, includes these two incredibly interesting and unique board books.

Filled with fascinating photos of items originating from all over the world and from throughout time, these robust first concept books are designed to introduce children to letters and numbers. Although aimed primarily at babies and toddlers, Mini Reviewer, Izzie (5) found the images very engaging and she desperately wanted to know all about the different items on each page. Fortunately we were able to scan the QR code to find out a little more - although apparently not enough for Izzie! She particularly liked the collections of different keys, dolls, beads and kites and was in fact more interested in the books than her two younger siblings!  Although they too enjoyed looking at the pictures; counting the objects; sounding out the letters; and, of course, turning the pages themselves. Below are just a few of the images we found to be the most eye catching:

Five Favourite Colourful Books

This week we've been considering our favourite books about COLOUR prompted by our #top5friday twitter chat with The Happy Book Club and Acorn Books, boy do we have some amazing titles to share with you!

Cultural Diversity in Children's Books

In our search for diverse and inclusive books we came across Lantana Publishing, a London-based independent publishing company that champions cultural diversity in children's books. Last week the company's Founder and Publisher Alice Curry won the Kim Scott Walwyn Prize, which recognises the achievement of women in publishing. Therefore we thought this would be the perfect time to share our round up of Lantana's beautiful and inspiring stories.

Five Favourite Train Stories

Mini Reviewer, Theo (3), likes anything with wheels but he really, really LOVES trains. We are incredibly lucky to live close to the National Railway Museum in York and we have made many a trip to look at the "giant wheels". On Theo's second birthday we even managed to see "The Flying Choo Choo" otherwise known as the Flying Scotsman!

Once Upon A Time Book Bundles

We were delighted to be contacted by Kelly from Once Upon A Time Book Bundles to review a bespoke book package. Kelly has recently set up her online book service to provide children's book bundles for all ages. Her customers include parents, as well as, childcare providers and businesses. She offers a variety of book packages but ensures that each bundle is suitable for the recipient's age, interests and reading ability.

Loads of books to make you ROAR (like a dinosaur)!

This week we are joining The Happy Book Club along with some other book lovers on Twitter for #top5friday and we are discussing the best dinosaur books around. We thought we'd share our top five choices as selected by Mini Reviewer and dinosaur fan, Theo (3). We hope these get you roaring...