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Screen Time Success - KidloLand Review and Giveaway

Screen time for preschoolers always seems to be a bit of a taboo subject. One of those topics that you dread to raise on any parenting forum for fear of the backlash! Now before I had the Mini Reviewers I was totally against screen time for little ones. Then I had my second child and I quickly realised that the tablet was going to be essential if I ever wanted to get anything done!

I confess that I usually resort to YouTube when I need 5 minutes to load the washing machine, put the shopping away or jump in the shower! So when we were approached by KidloLand to review their app I thought it was a great opportunity to try something different.

Photo Credit: KidloLand

If you haven't already come across KidloLand, it is an app specifically designed for under 5s and offers over 1000 stories, songs and educational activities and games. Once downloaded, these activities are all available offline. The subscriptions range from £4.99 for 1 month to £39.99 for 12 months. There is also a 7 day free trial option currently available. The good news is, if you would like to try the app for yourself, we are giving away three 3 month subscriptions!

Our thoughts...
Initially, I confess, I was a little overwhelmed by the sheer volume of content! The educational games seem to cover everything you could possibly think of including colours, shapes and numbers. However, as the app is fairly user friendly and there are lots of different categories, it is relatively easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

We have now spent several weeks trying out the app and getting to grips with the different activities, so we thought it was time to share our favourite features with you:

Theo (2) has learnt to do the dot-to-dot activity by himself. He can now trace from one number to the next to complete a picture. This is really helping with his counting and number recognition. 

There is a whole section of the app devoted to tracing letters (upper and lowercase), numbers and shapes. This has been particularly helpful for Izzie (5) who is left handed as it helps correct her letter formation.

Jigsaw puzzles
Theo loves "proper" jigsaws so I wasn't surprised when the puzzles on the app quickly became his go to activities. He seems to get huge satisfaction completing these colourful pictures!

Seasonal Content
One of the best things about the app is that the content is regularly updated. During the Christmas holidays, the seasonal songs, stories and games were a fantastic boredom buster!
Izzie and Theo decorating Christmas trees
As you can see the app has been very popular with the Mini Reviewers. Even Poppy (1) has enjoyed some of the nursery rhymes. The interactive activities have proven to be very engaging and, most importantly, it allows me to get the dinner cooked!

We would love to hear your thoughts on screen time. 

Until next time... 
Kate & the Mini Reviewers xx

Buy it here:

*Disclaimer: We received a 12 month subscription in exchange for this review. All opinions are as always our own.


  1. Ah this looks like a great app. I think the reality is, technology has moved on so much since we were children, and while people may not like the idea, I think apps such as this one are great for children! they clearly learn so much from them, and I think they really help with motor skills too!

  2. My little one loves Toca Town amongst other apps

  3. My little boy loves Kid's Youtube as it's full of lots of fun, educational content that's been checked out to be safe...although I'm always careful to check what he's watching.

  4. I'm not sure to be honest, i've come across a few recently which I am thinking of installing for my 2 girls

  5. They actually don't have a favourite app as they don't use them but this one might be good for them.

  6. My son is now 6 and I let him have screen time occasionally, I was so against it at first but then it is a digital world, they use tablets at school and there are so many educational games as you have shown! This looks like a really good app and great that they have a good range of content as children get bored so fast! Thank you for linking to KCACOLS and I look forwards to seeing you next Sunday xx

  7. This looks really good. I would usually plump for the free apps but can see the animations and cartoons on this look really good. Thanks for linking up to #KCACOLS

  8. not sure you would count it as an app, but mine love watching peppa pig on youtube

  9. Mine love clash of clans!

  10. This looks great! My kids love to play games. At the moment both of them are obsessed with YouTube. They can be there for hours! Anything that can help to entertain them I'm up for it! lol Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. It is great to have you! :-) xx

  11. My daughter would be a bit too old for this but it looks like something my younger nieces would love, one of them especially loves educational games. My daughter loves to play word game app on her phone all the time! #kcacols

  12. We have been reviewing this too - my nephews love it! #kcacols